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Daniel Menely ・ Psychotherapist

LMHC, New York University

attentive, non-judgmental, goal-oriented therapy

So often we are stuck: in a relationship, school, a career, in the interpersonal dynamics with parents and family, in the varied realms of life.
For many of us we also suffer from anxiety, isolation, and depression that can accompany these particularly challenging periods of life.
As your therapist, I will help you set an agenda of priorities, and our work will be directed in the service of meeting your goals.
Let’s discuss if therapy might be right for you. You will find me curious about who you are, fully attentive and non-judgmental, and quickly sensitive to the nuances of your story and circumstances, with a peaceful, patient, and articulate demeanor.


Until further notice, all sessions will be conducted through, the HIPPA-approved website platform for teletherapy.

Free 10-minute Consultation