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Daniel Menely ・ Psychotherapist



I believe that therapy is of the highest forms of self-care: having a time each week to check in on yourself, consider decisions you have made, feelings you have or haven’t allowed yourself to articulate, things you have said and need to say, behaviors you’d like to curtail and new ones to foster.

But then also the larger questions: what I am doing here with this life, what might I hope for in the person I am and always becoming, how can my relationships become more authentic and meaningful, what is my path toward greater self-acceptance and peace.

We will work to accomplish your goals, often involving: resolving issues from the past, addressing immediate concerns and challenges, while creating a blueprint to obtain clarity and direction about your future. The ultimate goal is to allow you to access your most flourishing self, create more meaningful relationships, and to overcome whatever continues to linger from your past that may be holding you back. Ultimately, our journey will help create an illuminated, future-oriented path toward your most clear-minded, loving, and empowered self.





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Daniel Menely
Senior Language Lecturer
NYU College of Arts & Sciences

Daniel graduated with a degree in English literature from Vassar College in 2001. His short story, “Love at Ground Zero,” was the official selection of NYU for the Best New American Writers Anthology in 2008, when he completed his Masters in Fine Arts degree in fiction writing. He has received numerous awards for his short stories. In 2018 he received a Masters in Counseling in Mental Health and Wellness, also from NYU. He has taught in NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, in the Expository Writing Program, since 2010, and has over a dozen Excellence In Teaching awards given by the university.

He has worked as a high school and elementary school humanities teacher, and as an independent educational consultant for over 15 years, particularly with students applying to college and graduate school.

Daniel has also spent many years working with children and teenagers needing mentorship, support, and guidance to better navigate school, peer relationships, and their family unit. With his extensive experience working with young people, Daniel has a unique ability to quickly establish rapport and trust with kids of all ages (8 years and older) from a wide variety of backgrounds, including those with learning disabilities and mood regulation challenges.


With twenty years of experience, I am available for consultation on any and all writing and editing projects, whether they be applications to college and graduate school, or long form work with letters, grants, novels, and any kind of book/work/creative proposals and endeavors. I can provide expertise at any stage of writing, from the blank page all the way to a final draft. 


Phone: (458) 206-5585

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